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Sua pasta de dentes:

Verde = natural
Azul = natural + medicinal
Roxo = natural + componentes químicos
Negro = Só componentes químicos
Nunca é tarde para aprender.


The 100: Colors Abound

Finn/Rae + (Shaz/Nico) Kiss Theories....


Soooo an Anon asked if anyone was going to make a gifset of Nico kissing other leading ladies and Shaz. So I searched the internets for as many gifs as I can, and I have no idea who made these that I am posting below. sooo if it’s you message me to give you credit because I love you all and I…

Se a vida te derrubar, aproveita que tá no chão e tira uma soneca.


sleepy peep cheep cheeps (source)

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